Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Revival Sneak Peeks!

Well The Revival filming is beginning to slow down a touch and editing is starting to heat up in a big way. Wayne is currently on his final trip to Seattle and tomorrow marks our final day of filming in the emerald city.

Here's a photo of Wayne's luxury tour bus, the greyhound. As you can see we travel in style here at The Revival. I'm sure Wayne is going to be happy to not have to jump on one of these again for a while.
So the rider list is set and we're piecing together the footage. I'm still amazed everytime I look at this list. The talent level is so overwhelming.
Here's a little sneak peek of John Prolly gettin' loose in Brooklyn. We're so stoked to have Prolly as part of the project! He's such a good dude, who does an amazing job representing fixed gear freestyle and the community around it.

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