Sunday, July 27, 2008

Barspins and Baby Jesus X Travis Jutson Photography

So it was Tom's final Barspins and Baby Jesus on Thursday due to him moving to Toronto. It was an awesome session at the Jesus Bank, Hastings Elementary and the Clark and Powell Step Up. Travis Jutson came along and shot photos, here's some of what went down that night.
Wayne absolutely destroying the step up. This was the highest air I've ever seen on a track bike. He's still going up in the picture!
Tom barspin to fakie on the steep part of the Jesus Bank.
Tom explaining how to do sliders to Ten Ten. He had them completely dialed an hour later.
Ten Ten air to fakie.
Ten Ten one handed wheelie.
Ten Ten and friend from Japan.
The Crew!
Ten Ten one handed wheelie.
Ten Ten airing out of the step up!
Tom with some airtime!
Wayne somehow crashed on the step up and got his ankle trapped between the left crank arm and the left chain stay with his foot crammed into the spoke. It was a pretty scary experience and I think we all thought his ankle was broken but after removing his rear wheel and freeing him from his bike it looked like he got away with some ground up skin and a huge indent from the chainstay on his ankle. You can see the indent in this picture, it's the dark red mark on the inside of his leg. Wayne you are one lucky dude!

Friday, July 11, 2008

CMWC Video

Check out the Vancouver crew (aka Tender Moments Posse?) at 3:30!