Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hfwido by Falcon Duran

New image of Torey by Falcon Duran.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Amy's Tooth Fairy/Where's Waldo Alleycat

There was an alleycat here in Toronto last Friday to raise some money for Amy who recently lost a lot of her grill in an unfortunate accident. The race was outstanding and involved a moving check point that was placed in the middle to Critical Mass that was moving around the city. The racers first had to find the moving checkpoint and the received their manifest. All around this race was super fun and we managed to raise a ton of money for a good cause. Big thanks to Toby for organizing this super fun event and everyone else who helped out or laid down some dollars for Amy. Photo's by Justin Morris and Frank Theriault.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Ryan Narita Bike Check

So most of you probably don't know Ryan Narita but this guy has been around for a while in the Vancouver scene. When he showed up at the first Barspins and Baby Jesus trick comp that we had I was blown away by the creativity he had on his bike. Needless to say me and Ryan have been good friends ever since and he is now officially on the Skitch team as well is an occasional blog contributor here at Skitch Clothing. This is Ryans bike check, so look out for this orange machine in the upcoming Revival video that is currently in the works.
Frame: moja street track
Seat Post: ritchie mountain bike seatpost
Saddle: some piece of crap i bought off craigslist
Stem: 3t
Bars: generic high rise and neat black bar ends
Grips: bmx grips
Chain Ring: 44T sugino messenger
Cranks: 165mm sugino messenger
Pedals: Odyssey Twisted PC
Straps: Toshi Doubles
Clips: plastic standard
Front Wheel: Deep V laced to a 36 diacompe hub
Rear Wheel: deep v laced to 36 diacompe hub, 18t cog
Tires: front schwalbe stelvio 650 x 23 rear serfas 700 x 28
Notes: momma said knock you out.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Duncan Lewis April Edit

"Its my April edit, shot in an afternoon in Montreal, I'm going to be doing an edit a month." Text by Duncan Lewis.
Duncan Lewis from Five-one Fixed on Vimeo.
Love the three rail grind combo! Awesome Duncan!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Revival VS. Seattle

As of May 1st Wayne Morehart will be in Seattle filming with some locals for the upcoming "Revival" project. As many of you know we're from Vancouver which is only a three hour drive from Seattle and over the years a few of us have become pretty tight with the dudes from the Emerald City. When we first began talking about putting the video together we thought it would be awesome to include some of our friends from there so we're going to make it happen. This is not an official stop on the tour but Wayne will be filming there with the Seattle crew from May 1st to 5th so if you're around you should definitely stop on by.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Revival on Facebook

So we threw up a facebook group for our upcoming "Revival" project. Head over and join the group to get updates on what's happening with everyone involved and see how our progress is going. Also don't forget to keep checking here for more updates as we get closer to the beginning of the trip. I would also like to point out that the image above is not the final packaging for the DVD it was just the packaging we put together for the trailer that was sent out on DVD.

I Forgot

So I forgot to post this a while ago some how but just incase you've been living under a mighty large rock and haven't seen the new Bootleg Sessions V.3 cover yet, here it is. The video is set to include a couple Skitch team riders including Tom Mosher and Torey "Hfwido" Thornton as well as our good friend Sam Miller. I (Tom Briggs) unfortunately had to drop off the roster for this edition due to an absolutely horrible winter here in Toronto that made filming next to impossible. Mosher managed to put together a section while on his trip last month and from what I heard it sounds like it should be pretty good. Check out Bootleg Sessions for more info.

EDIT: Torey apparently will not be participating in the video either but none-the-less you should still pick this up, it's basically a time capsule of what's going on in the fixed gear world these days. I know I'm stoked to see it.

Hawaii Throw Your Hands Up!

Saw this over at Trick Track and it had a few Tom Mosher circus clips in it along with some other good riding. Enjoy!
Anykine... from chuck reynolds on Vimeo.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Witch Hunt Threads

Our good friend and team rider Duncan Lewis has been hard at it again making some new threads for you all to purchase over at Witch Hunt Clothing. I personally really love the new Strathcona hoodie and know that I'll be picking one up, hey maybe you should as well.

I must admit though that I'm a little disappointed that you decided to trim the beard Duncan, it was looking so burly last time I saw you.

Fixed Mag #3

So I just saw this new cover for Fixed Mag issue 3 over at Fixed Gear London and saw that there will be something about Vancouver. Anyone know the details? is it like a scene report or did someone take a trip there? or am I just horribly out of the loop here? Anyways even if no one knows what's up with the story the issue is out on April 29th so mark your calenders for that.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Duncan Lewis Bike Check

Frame:brooklyn machine works
Fork:black market
Post:thompson(because every other post i've ever used has broken)
bars/seat/pedal:old broken crap.
wheels:sun rhynolite rims/ Vallie hubs bitches
tires: 700/38
Lots of spray paint.
Note: most things on this bike either don't work properly or are bent or broken, this bike is ugly,slow and heavy but purpose driven and does the job.

"Sickest Session Ever"

So Torey just shot me an e-mail with a whole bunch of photos claiming this was the "sickest session ever!" Judging by the pictures I'd say he's probably right. The x-up down the 6 set and the 180 down the other 6 set had my jaw on the floor. Awesome work Torey!

All photos by Andrew Temkin.

Friday, April 17, 2009

ABCity Edit

Torey reminds me of Ten Ten in a way. Their styles are a little different but they are two people who just seem to always be having fun on their bikes and it shows. These guys inspire me to get out there and start trying. This is Torey's new Spring Edit. Stoked!

ABCity Spring Edit from hfwido on Vimeo.
Torey also has a new rider profile up on the SE Bikes site, so check that out as well.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Revival

THE REVIVAL from morehartfilms on Vimeo.
Well there have been a few rumors about this flying around for a little while but it is finally here. In the name of good times, great spots and progressive riding, we are proud to announce that we’re packing our bags and hitting the road. Armed with HD cameras we’ll be heading out in search of some of the best riding North America has to offer.
Beginning on May 16th, 2009 we will be touring eastern cities, starting in Toronto then heading to Montreal and finally arriving in the Big Apple. We aim to reveal the riding and culture that exists within each one of these amazing cities. Filming is also underway in Vancouver where the locals have been pushing hard to lay down some of the best lines ever seen on a fixed gear. Along for the ride are some of the most progressive riders on bikes today, including but not limited to:
Tom Briggs
Duncan Lewis
Sam Miller
Tom Mosher
Ryan Nariata
Eiichiro "TenTen" Temmyo
Torey “HFwido” Thorton
Wayne Morehart
and Many More.

If anyone prefers, there is also a YouTube version of the trailer available.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Duncan Puttin' In Work

"Going big up north.
Wheelie down this big like 10 foot ledge and long fast down ledge to waist high drop(with french canadian man nipples in background)." Words by Duncan Lewis.

NOTE: I would like to apologize for the lack of posts that have been happening lately. I am currently dealing with a bit of a family emergency and will hopefully be back on here a lot more in the near future. Thank you to everyone that checks this blog and supports Skitch directly, you guys are awesome.

SE Bikes

Well it looks like Torey Thornton got hooked up with SE Bikes. Here is a picture of his new set up. Way to go Torey I know you've been putting in a ton of work and totally deserve the new ride.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Ditch

Ted Power might be one of my favorite people ever. You've seen his photos up here on the site numerous times and riding with him is always a blast! We'll a few days ago he calls me up and goes "dude you want to go ride this ditch I found, it's amazing!" We'll of course I'm intrigued and since I'm new to Toronto I figure hell this could be cool and ditches to ride where I'm from are few and far between. Well not in my wildest dreams did anticipate what he eventually brought me to. This place might be the most awesome spot I've ever ridden. Tricks aren't even required for a good time just riding this 3km long ditch might be the most fun I've had on my bike in a long time. I know ditches like this are dime a dozen in places like LA and other major cities in the states but they're not common where I'm from. Because this day was so awesome I'm going to just post all of the photos Ted snapped of our little excursion. I'd also like to thank John, Steve and Brenden for an awesome Sunday that was capped off with a rooftop bbq back at Johns place. Good times, good people! It's what we strive for here at Skitch.

Reppin' the left coast!

The Ditch!

Me ducking my way through the low bridge.

Something to fakie?

Steve on John's the rooftop.


John and Brendan

Tom and John over, under on the bank.

The crew rolling.

The crew chillin.

Steve's ride.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sam Miller One Handed 180

Sam Miller is not officially on the Skitch team but is a good friend of ours. He may also be helping us out with some stuff here in the near future so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Dirty Negative

"This my friends is the dirtiest negative in the world. I developed a few rolls and one of them is just gunked up. Kinda strange. After i scanned the negative, all the cleaning was just too much. I'll clean the negative later to print it and re-scan it, but for now,revel in the dirt."
Words and photo by Ted Power
Duncan blasting the highway bank a few weeks back.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ted Power Photo Sequences

Ted Power hooked us up with these sequence shots of Duncan Lewis from a few weeks ago so I quickly threw them into a little video. Enjoy!

Ted Power Photo Sequences from Skitch Clothing on Vimeo.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Torey Thornton Bike Check

Part two of our bike check series features Torey Thornton. Torey has been working hard in NYC and this is his machine. Enjoy.Frame: SE Lager
Fork: SE Landing Gear 26" rigid
Seat Post: Cheapo sturdiness
Saddle: Vintage Selle San marcos
Stem: Azonic
Bars: cheapo
Grips: old Shadow Conspiracies with animal bar ends
Chain Ring: 46T Bullet Proof
Cranks: 170mm Bullet Proofs
Pedals: Odyssey Twisted PC
Straps: Toshi Doubles
Clips: plastic randomness
Front Wheel: Deep V laced to a 32 hole formula hub
Rear Wheel: Alex laced to a 32 hole Formula hub, 17t cog
Tires: 28c Vittoria Randonneurs
Notes: sort of raw, sort of heavy, works just fine
This is Torey.