Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I Forgot

So I forgot to post this a while ago some how but just incase you've been living under a mighty large rock and haven't seen the new Bootleg Sessions V.3 cover yet, here it is. The video is set to include a couple Skitch team riders including Tom Mosher and Torey "Hfwido" Thornton as well as our good friend Sam Miller. I (Tom Briggs) unfortunately had to drop off the roster for this edition due to an absolutely horrible winter here in Toronto that made filming next to impossible. Mosher managed to put together a section while on his trip last month and from what I heard it sounds like it should be pretty good. Check out Bootleg Sessions for more info.

EDIT: Torey apparently will not be participating in the video either but none-the-less you should still pick this up, it's basically a time capsule of what's going on in the fixed gear world these days. I know I'm stoked to see it.

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Genuine Hug said...

I'm no longer on the roster, either...