Friday, February 12, 2010


Vienna, Austria just hosted one of the final official Revival premieres and the place was packed! I'm always amazed when I see photos like this from around the world and it really makes me think that all the hard work of putting this film together was totally worth it. So thank you to anyone who has been to any premiere around the world, I can't thank you enough. In regards to the movie, we are just putting the finishing touches on the DVD and it will be hitting the streets very soon. I apologize for the severe lack of posts lately as I've been totally tied up with the film and have not had time to put work into the blog but I assure you that will be changing soon.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Wonka Holdin' It Down At Peel

Peel Sessions 02.04.2010 from John Prolly on Vimeo.

Prolly just posted up a video of Wonka getting wild off of one of the small concrete quarters at Peel. Barspins and 180's over the ledge were the order of the day.

Ed Glazer also upped a fresh photo from the same night of Wonka getting tucked going over the ledge.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Boulder Revival Premiere

Boulder had there Revival premiere the other day at the Boulder Indoor Velodrome. If you've never seen pictures from this place you have to check out the link. A velodrome with a mountain bike park in the center is something out of my dreams. A huge thank you goes out to Coastless for throwing the premiere and organizing such an awesome event.

Revival Premiere Trick Jam from Coastless Clothing on Vimeo.