Monday, October 26, 2009

Hell Track Re-Cap

Hell Track from jose o on Vimeo.

Saturday night was one of the greatest bike events I've ever been to. Hell Track went off as a huge success with tons of people coming out, great races, sweet bails, the most epic game of footdown you've ever seen and some male nudity courtesy of our friend and member of the Revival crew, Toby Spunt. Hell Track was the brain child of Tom Mosher and for as long as I can remember he's been talking about doing this and trying to bring the Toronto fixed gear scene closer together and I can honestly say he succeeded way beyond any expectations I had. I don't have to results in front of me but Nick took home first place in the school sprints, landing himself with a new set of Velocity wheels, way to go dude! Our great buddy Swoo took home first in the best trick comp and grabbed himself a brand new Volume Fu Manchu Fork (Swoo Manchu is definitely his new nickname). Andrew Flowers was the man left standing, or riding that is in the footdown drome (100 men enter, one man leaves!(You had to be there)).All and all it was probably the best bike event in Toronto history from most peoples account and certainly rivaled any other city I've been to, including Vancouver, New York and Seattle.It's great to see a scene this large coming together and really just having a blast. Again a great job by Tom Mosher for throwing this event, it really was worth the wait.Video by Jose O
Photo's by Micah and Matt Rennick

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