Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Love For Vallie Hubs

Here at Skitch we love seeing new innovative products coming on the market for fixed gear riding, and when their made by another Vancouver local, we get doubly excited. Lyle who recently relocated to New York City has been creating some new fixed hubs under the name Vallie Components. I for one would love to give these things a shot but as of right now our team member, Duncan Lewis will be testing them and trying his hardest to see if he can break them. I personally don't see that happening! If you don't believe me then check out the specs.

* ISO disc cog mounting eliminates stripped lock ring threads.
* Dual sided for multiple ratios
* Thick symmetric flanges for a strong dishless build
* Massive 15mm hollow female axle can take any abuse you can throw at it.
* Oversize 6902 bearings to keep you rolling smoothly.
* Stainless Hardware to last through those salty winters
* Beefy M10 x 1.00 axle bolts
* Slide on bearing collars
* Accepts 44mm ISO disc cogs
* 120mm spacing
* Approx 450 grams

Recently our good friend Morgan from Projekt-B put together a wheel with the new hubs down at Mighty Riders in Vancouver. Here are some pictures of the build.

Loving the Skitch shirt Morgan!


((lyledriver)) said...

Thanks for the love <3

Skitch Clothing said...

Of course Lyle. We're always down to support anyone from Vancouver that's making moves. I hope everything goes great with the hubs and if you need anyone to test and destroy them let me know cause I'm your man!

Tom Briggs

morgman said...

Looks like this one is going off road tomorrow. Hell yes.

Nick said...

Projekt-B x Vallie x Skitch x Standby!

rye said...

HOLY CRAP!!!! THOSE LOOK BOMB PROOF!! although i've never seen a hub break i'd like to cop them joints.

B-fresh said...

Those bolts are going to sheer off with in two months of heavy riding/ doing tricks... At least with the Level hub, the cog fit onto a splined system that held it in place...