Friday, March 13, 2009

Gerry Gauthier

Speaking of old photos here are a couple Kyle Johnson pictures of the extremely elusive Gerry Gautier. Most of you probably never heard of Gerry but that's probably the way he would want it. Gerry was one of the best riders I've ever seen but was perpetually camera weary. There are only a few pictures of him floating around on the net and this one piece of video footage. Anyone that ever got to ride with this kid knows how good he was. He is the only person I know of to ever go over vert on a fixed gear in a fullpipe. I was just hoping someone out there might know where he is these days? Me and him used to meet up at the Jesus Bank in Vancouver most summer nights and ride for hours but since I moved east and he moved to Victoria we've sort of lost touch, so if anyone knows of Gerry's where abouts or if Gerry reads this blog, let me know. Also if there are any other Gerry Gauthier photos or videos out there please send them to me at

Gerry appears at 0:45, 1:14 and numerous background appearances

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