Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Revival Buffalo

Revival Premiere Buffalo NY! from Bill Bottriell on Vimeo.

This past Saturday was the premiere of The Revival in Buffalo, New York. Tom Mosher, Toby Spunt and I (Tom Briggs) made our way south of the boarder to meet up with some locals. Zach, Bill, Ben and everyone else were awesome hosts and put together a great evening at Positive Approach.

The Buffalo locals are also putting together a new fixed gear film themselves called Velorue which is looking real good so far so definitely look for more stuff coming from them in the near future.

Bill put together the great video above of the weekend and as you can see we had an awesome warehouse ramp set up to work with. We ended up spending most of our time riding there because of the weather outside. Even with the all the snow we still had a great turn out for the premiere. Again a huge thank you to everyone we met and rode with, you guys were awesome.
Video by Bill Bottriell and Colin Phelan
Photos by Zach Lee


Walter Price said...

dope vid.
fixed gear is tha movement..Bitch
Dope shit

J said...

I am so bummed I had to miss the trip down to Buffalo with you guys!
Next time.