Friday, September 11, 2009

The Warriors Race Recap!

The Warriors race took place this past weekend in Vancouver and judging from the pictures and the few tidbits I've heard, it sounded like a blast! One of the biggest races in Vancouver history with nearly 100 entrants. This rivals the Look Ma No Brakes race that was put on a little over a year ago.

I can happily report that one of our very own team members captured the first place prize. Duncan Lewis with his bike gang, The David Suzuki's crushed the field and won some bad ass prizes! The final results were as follows.

FIRST: The David Suzukis - Meat, Duncan, Jay and Cody.

SECOND: Mykal, Dylan, Jeff from Philly, Jesse (RIP)

THIRD: The U-nics - Lucas, Mathew, Wall-e (RIP) and Travis(Hustle Jr.)

FOURTH: The E-Lites - Camilo, Skylar, Jeff? (ghostrider) and Khaled

FIFTH: The East Van Jaws - Jabber, Louise, Simon and Benoit.

Here are some photos captured by our good buddy Ted from his Commercial Drive checkpoint.

Your Winners, The David Suzuki's!

The E-Lites

The U-nics

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