Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Revival NYC Recap

Well the Revival trip to New York City is now over. Months and months of planning all climaxing in a week and half of the greatest fixed gear riding to date. It takes every bit of strength I have to hold back on the details of what took place but trust me, it will be worth the wait when you see it on video. A lot of people will probably say that I’m biased because it is a film that I am helping to create and yes I am, but the level of fixed gear riding went up more than a few notches this past week and a half.

Tons of skin was lost and bruises where a plenty. I even managed to chip a bone in my shin but didn’t find out until we got back to Canada. I’m sure most people have now seen the photos of Wonka’s busted GOrilla frame and all I can say is wait till you see some of his footage, things went crazy.

The largest and most technical tricks were all captured by our great friend Wayne Morhart and we will be premiering the film in mid November. I would like to thank everyone involved with the trip including the riders. Torey “Hfwido” Thornton, Wonka, Tom Mosher, Jeremiah of Hold Fast and John “Prolly” Watson. I’d also like to thank a few notables who made our trip even better by just being involved. A huge thank you goes to Tron for opening up her place for more than a few of us to crash at, and a big thanks to all her roommates for being so understanding. Thank you to Blayne Williams for being our trusted mechanic and impromptu team manager, you made the trip a million times better. And thank you to everyone else we met in New York City, you guys were all awesome. On a personal note I’d like to thank the amazing food of New York City, you make being vegan that much easier.

A thank you again to Jeremiah for hooking up the whole crew with Hold Fast Straps. These things are the real deal. I’ve had mine for a week now and they’re awesome. Go buy a pair from one of the best dudes in Fixed Gear.

I wish I could turn back time and just do it all over again but that will just have to wait for The Revival 2, who knows?

"All I ever wanted, All I ever needed"

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