Friday, June 19, 2009

TO Track Tricks, June 16th, 2009

This weeks T.O. Track Tricks was a riot! Things got crazy with some intense games of footdown and bungy bike. We even had a bike break this week with George killing his Alpha while ghost riding it into a wall of the arena. This week I thought I would introduce a few of the regulars and a new face or two that came out for the trick night. Photos are all by our homie Ted Power.

Blain is a real regular. He's out here every week having a good time and this week he showed up with some fresh ink. That's a Hammer Head Shark battling a Giant Squid while both sporting cowboy hats. Awesome dude!

Our man Clay riding Mike Giants old Trek. Clay is a graphic designer from SF and an all around good dude. Times are always good when Clay is out riding. You can check out Clay's design work here.

Alex came out for the first time this evening. He's from New Zealand and has got some tricks on lock! Alex also did his very first fakie barspin this evening.

Myself on the left and one of the best guys in Toronto, John. John is an awesome dude and we always have a blast whether it's riding bikes or BBQing on his rooftop or checking out a Jays game, it's always a good time with John.

George on the left and Mosher on the right. George unfortunetely broke this bike this evening but I think he had a good time doing it so I guess it worked out good in the end. George has been a regular since I moved to Toronto and is one of the only riders here doing grinds on his track bike. I'm sure most people that read this blog know who Tom Mosher is by now.

Steve is one of the great dudes that comes out to trick night every week. He's a quiet guy for the most part but one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. He also won foot down this week I think and he won track stand twister the week before.

The Man, The Legend, Ted Power! Ted is our man behind the lens here in Toronto. Ted is out at T.O. Track Tricks every week shooting the action that goes down. You've probably seen his work up on Trackosaurus Rex, Prolly's Blog and in the pages of Fixed Magazine. The dude has skills, and no he doesn't always ride a cruiser bike, he's usually found rolling on his Fuji Track.

Mosher getting crazy on my girlfriends cruiser bike. Cross footed leg over skid on a coaster hub.

Mosher mid footplant spin.

If you read this blog you probably know that this is me (Tom Briggs) but I thought this was a good photo so I figured I'd include it.

This is obviously not everyone that is involved with T.O. Track Tricks, there are dozens more, but I thought it would be nice to put some names to faces for everyone out there. This is a small part of the Toronto fixed gear community and we hope that one day we all get to ride with all of you readers out there who check the Skitch Blog. Thanks.

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