Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bicycle Film Fest Trailer!

The Bicycle Film Fest trailer is up online and it's awesome! You can spot me (Tom Briggs) at the beginning doing the leg over skid and barspin as well as through out the trailer primarily as the letter "B". I can also been seen as the letter "B" in the official NYC poster. Our good friend Toby Spunt is also featured throughout the trailer and can be spotted as the letter "B" at the very end of the trailer. Tom Mosher was scheduled to be featured in the trailer as well but I guess some footage hit the cutting room floor; hopefully it will surface at some point because I know a 720 Keospin was hit while wearing a giant letter. Mosher can been seen on the NYC poster as the letter "I," For the record letters were extremely hard to ride in but we had fun doing it.

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