Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Shop Till You Drop Alleycat

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of helping out with an alleycat here in Toronto. This is the first one that I've been directly involved with here in Toronto and it was a blast. I ended up working a check point with my buddy BJ Rossiter up at Yorkdale Mall in northern Toronto. We had people running through the mall with there bikes and stealing popcorn from kids at the movie theater. We also had blizzard like conditions so the race was seriously sketchy. A huge thanks goes out to Toby Spunt for throwing such an awesome event and for everyone who came out and raced or worked check points. Here are a few photos taken by Christopher Kaiser (who I do not know but stumbled on them through Facebook, hopefully he won't mind us posting them).

The man responsible for all the chaos Toby Spunt.

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Matthew said...

God that looks amazing. Missed you over here at the Bridge Battle 2.0!