Thursday, December 4, 2008


We'll it's December already and the weather has taken a serious turn for the worst (I think it's -6 degrees outside right now). I've riden in snow more than a few times already this year and I'm trying to adjust to this Toronto winter.

We've got a few things happening here at Skitch. First up we've got a new T-shirt design dropping just in time for Christmas. I will have pictures up as soon as possible and they'll be for sale through paypal within the next few weeks. We're really excited about this one and we hope you all are as well.

In team news we've got a some stuff happening. Tom Mosher was recently hooked up by Volume Bikes and can now be found pushing the limits on his Volume Cutter. Way to go Tom. Bootleg Sessions 3 is also in the works and it looks like both Mosher and myself (Tom Briggs) will be appearing in the next installment of everyones favorite fixed gear freestyle video series. We're super pumped to be involved in the project and have started logging as much footage as we can.

Also the new issue of Cog Magazine should be out in the near future with our new ad featuring our newest team rider. Look out for that at your local bike shop. They also have a new photo book dropping soon and that we're all super pumped about. Be sure to pick up a copy of the book through their website. Our good friend and collaborator Tobias Romaniuk will have a few photos in there. Way to go Tobias!

Just to make sure this post isn't entirely text I've included a new video of Tom Mosher shredding the hell out of a parking garage on a cold evening here in Toronto.

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