Friday, May 22, 2009


So a few months ago I made a post on here about a good friend named Gerry Gauthier who I've lost touch with. He was one of the best riders I've ever met and frankly he's sort of an honorary team member here at Skitch, even if he doesn't know it. Well today I checked my e-mail and discovered an awesome message from Gerry's girlfriend Erin who was kind enough to enclose a few long lost photos of Gerry riding. The photo of Gerry skidding through the bowl was actually shot by me in July of 2007 along with the other photos from the China Creek bowls. A huge thanks to Erin for sending these along and if their are any more please send them over so we can share them with all our readers here at Skitch.

I also discovered this super old image of Duncan riding the China Creek bowl from that session in the Summer of '07.

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