Sunday, June 22, 2008

Rat Cult, June 21st Session

Today the Rat Cult met up for a little session at a new spot we found. Here are a bunch of photos of what went down. Keep tuned for info on the Rat Cult video which will be coming out in the next few months.
Ten Ten busting out a big old 180.

Tom footjam to fakie.

Duncan Foot Plant.

Adam shredding!

Meat before the crash.

Meat after the crash

Meat's hands looking a little worse for ware.

Hiro kicking it up here in Vancouver. It's good to see the Seattle kids up here north of the border.

Nic hanging out as Hooper test rides a new cargo bike in the background.

Ten Ten pulling an extremely long no handed wheelie.

Tom Barspin to Fakie.

Duncan flowing a smooth one handed wheelie.

Ten Ten and Duncan.

Adam doing some tweaked out pogo's.

Ten Ten layed down so many of these clean 180's.

Duncan rolling on the cargo bike.

Tom worried as hell while riding in the bucket of the cargo bike. Jamie rolling along in the background.

Some more of Ten Ten's wild 180 hops.


gwadzilla said...

like to see the old Bad Brains t-shirt!

Hustle Jr. said...

looks like you guys have a lot of fun...can I be your friends?

Tom Mosher said...

sick pictures, I wanna ride with you guys!!

Duncan, we SO shoulda ripped TO up while you were here!

nikcee said...